Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Travels

After work on Friday, I headed straight to the airport for the first leg of my holiday travels. My flight was originally supposed to leave at 8pm but they pushed it to 8:20. We boarded on time but ended up sitting at the gate for over 45 minutes. Once we finally left, it was pretty much smooth sailing. Rudolph and I landed safely in Charleston around 10:30.
Rudolph is for my sister's dog.
I got a lot of funny looks walking through the airport.
Since my flight was getting in so late, my sister left me her car at the airport. Valeting at the Charleston Airport is the way to go. They already had the car pulled around when I called, they loaded my bags for me, and gave me a bottle of water for my trip. Talk about service. And it wasn't expensive.

After another hour and a half on the road, I pulled into the driveway. Thank goodness for diet coke and the radio for keeping me awake but I was way too wired to sleep once I got home. 
Our sleigh

Approximately 4 hours of sleep later, it was time to get back in the car to head to Florida. We drove a family friend's truck and boat down.

Mom made the comment that she couldn't believe it wasn't decorated with lights for Christmas. When we opened the doors, we found mistletoe hanging from the rearview mirror and a goody basket on the center console. 

I slept for most of the morning in the backseat while dad drove. Mary Loyal and Lash were in the car behind us. We played musical seats in the afternoon.

This trip was one of the easiest ones we've had. We stopped every couple of hours for gas and thankfully did not run into any problems.  

While the 5:30am wakeup call was early, it was worth it when we pulled in just in time to see the sunset. 

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