Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

On Saturday, some friends came over and we headed to the H Street Festival. This annual event is basically a large block party to celebrate the revitalization of the area as well as bring attention to the developing arts and entertainment district. I could not believe the number of people out and about.  
It was fun to hang out in a different part of the city with some old and new friends, including this guy:
Who happens to be the brother of one of my good friends from college. Small world!

Sunday was a stereotypical DC day and I loved every minute of it. We toured the West Wing and went to Old Ebbitt Grill for lunch. Our tour guide had lots of great stories to tell as we wandered throughout the halls of the West Wing. My favorite room was probably the Oval Office. We also went into the Press Room while the press secretary was there which was neat (he was giving a tour as well, not sharing any breaking news). It was the perfect Sunday outing. 
The executive office building on the lower left is my favorite building in DC.

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