Friday, May 2, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

1) We made it to May! Yesterday was a big day in the admission world since deposits were due. Thankfully, we have had a great recruiting year. 

2) I want to be Emma Stone or at least be best friends with her. Have you seen this video?

3) Earlier this week we were talking about college and what we were like back then (Can I even say back then?). It was entertaining to see what my coworkers thought I was like. Ashley decided that this song summed me up perfectly. 

4) Our softball season came to an end last night. I played the game of my life on Wednesday night and should have stopped while I was ahead. Maybe next year we will actually win a game. 

5) I am obsessed with this picture of Baby George. How adorable is he?

6) Speaking of babies, I attended my first baby shower this week. On the one hand, I am surprised I've never been to one before. On the other hand, I am not quite ready for my friends to be in this stage of life.

7) For the shower, I made a pink drink with Sprite and frozen raspberry lemonade. I also picked up the cutest yellow eyelet dress. The mom-to-be said she loved it and was so happy it wasn't pink!

8) I loved Christina's post of 10 Foods that Taste Better than Skinny Feels. I would add pasta, spinach dip, pimento cheese, and pita chips to that list.

9) This weekend is a big weekend in Spartanburg with the Bike Race and Spring Fling. Nothing like walking out your front door to a row of tents and barricades this morning.

10) Happy Friday!

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