Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday was the Spartanburg Regional Bike Race downtown as part of Spring Fling. It is a closed-circuit, multi-lap cycling race that goes right down Main Street. They cleared the street the night before and set up tents all along the sidewalk. Living downtown, we were right in the middle of the action. 
If you look closely, you can see my apartment.
Everyone started tailgating early in the afternoon. I split my time between the Junior League tent and the Wofford tent. The weather was great and it was so fun to have everyone together.
My crowning achievement of the evening was winning my first dart game. Becca and I took on Sara and Palmer and we somehow pulled out a win.
Saturday, I had a Junior League Leadership Retreat for most of the day. To kick off the meeting, we did an icebreaker that involved M&Ms. It was a neat idea and one that I would like to use in the future. Overall, it was a great meeting and I am excited about the plans for this year.
That night, we walked down to hear Joe Nichols play as part of Spring Fling. Sunday, I went to the barn before swapping out my winter and summer clothes. I had been putting it off but am glad that I did since the highs have been in the 90s this week. Hello summer!

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