Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I got Punk'd

2013 is starting off with a bang.

When I got to the office this morning, there was an eviction notice on the door from building management. It said that we were being evicted effective January 1 and that I should go to the front desk for more information. So I did what the note told me and headed immediately back downstairs to the front desk. I didn't try to open the door. I didn't even put my stuff down or take my coat off, I just turned around and went to see the security guard. When I showed him the note, the guard didn't know anything about it. He said he was just filling in for the morning and wasn't familiar with protocol for eviction notices. He called the building manager who apparently was on vacation last week and didn't know anything about it either.

By this point in time, Marg had walked in and was standing with me downstairs. We were trying to figure out what could have happened since Monday afternoon since rent is paid automatically and we hadn't received any emails. We decided to go wait in our office until the security guard and building manager could get to the bottom of the situation. When we unlocked the door and walked into the office all the lights were on which is strange. Then we heard a noise from the corner office and our accountant poked his head out. When I asked him if the note was his doing, he was reluctant to respond until I told him that building management was on the way. Then he confessed.

Apparently the whole thing was a joke. He had beaten us into the office and wanted to do something to trick us. He thought I would have at least come in the office before going downstairs, so he could have stopped me. Being the fixer that I am, I didn't pass go, I didn't collect $200 - I went straight to fix the problem. With the way things go sometimes at work, I really wasn't even surprised to see the notice.

Once we stopped laughing long enough to catch our breath, I ran back downstairs to tell the security guard that I had been punk'd and that the whole thing was a joke.
Happy 2013!

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