Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Facts Friday

1. How is it almost February? This month flew by!

2. I finally finished Friday Night Lights. Texas forever. But now I need another Netflix show. I've started watching Gilmore Girls but other suggestions are welcome.

3. Ever spilled red wine on a white shirt and wondered how to get it out? The answer is boiling water! Simply boil the water and pour it on the stain from 6-8 inches away.

4. I have been on a big Mexican food kick lately. We had Willy Taco last Friday and I've made quesadillas a few times this week.

5. Have you heard about Fabletics? I signed up before Christmas and love my first outfit. If you are looking for new workout clothes check them out using my link.
6. I've been doing my fair share of online shopping lately and have two websites to share. Retailmenot is my first stop to look for coupons. Ebates is another great resource. You can get cash back simply from shopping through their website. I logged in, searched for something at Target, purchased it, and then automatically got $20 in cash back sent to my Paypal account.

7. Can we talk about the Tour De Compadres that NeedtoBreathe announced this week?! NeedtoBreathe, Ben Rector, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors! I can't wait for them to release more information next week.

8. Speaking of NeedtoBreathe, check out their latest release featuring Gavin DeGraw.
9. I am working on a post about my move/new apartment and hope to share it next week.

10. Happy Friday!

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