Sunday, August 28, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

We made it through Hurricane Irene. We experienced heavy rain and wind but escaped unharmed. It was a good thing too because if we had lost power, that would have been a whole other story. In terms of hurricane preparedness, my efforts were poor.
My provisions consisted of a bottle of water and some cooked noodles. Fortunately, neither were required for survival.

It probably wasn't the smartest idea, but we ended up going out during the hurricane. It was my roommate's birthday and her fiance had planned a night on the town before the storm was even on the radar. So after spending the majority of the day being couch potatoes, we decided a little rain and wind shouldn't prevent us from celebrating the big 2-5. We piled into the limo and headed to the city. Mark had made reservations at Local 16, a hot spot on U Street, known for their rooftop patio. 

While we didn't get to take in the view, we had the best time downstairs. It was fun to have such a popular place to ourselves for the most part. The food was delicious and the company was great. We then piled back in the limo and headed to a karaoke bar per the birthday girl's request. It just goes to show that a little bad weather can't prevent someone from having fun on her birthday.

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