Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

On Friday night, I headed to Columbia for a St. Patty's Day get together at my cousins' house. I am so thankful that I am back in SC and can easily make it to things like this. My aunt went all out with the decorations and even served shepherd's pie for dinner. We had the best time just being together and we stayed up way to late just talking and laughing. Unfortunately, we didn't take any photos.

Saturday morning, we had a big breakfast before heading out for the day. We stopped by my grandparents' house before grabbing lunch and doing some shopping. I had not been to Columbia since the Anthropologie and J. Crew opened so we made sure to swing by. I wasn't planning on getting anything but these two sweaters caught my eye along with my favorite jeans which happened to be on sale. I hate jean shopping so to find a pair that fits on the first try and is on sale is a cause for celebration.
Portico Pullover
Slouchy Merino Sweater
This was on final sale! 
By mid afternoon it was time for me to head back to the upstate so I could make it back in time to babysit. I needed a little pick-me-up so I swung by Dunkin' Donuts. Shout out to Courtney for posting that their Cookie Dough Iced Coffee is back! It's a good thing that the Dunkin' Donuts is not convenient in Spartanburg or these treats would become a habit. 
Sunday, I headed to Greenville for church and ended up hanging around for a while after the service mingling with people. After my weekly trip to Trader Joe's I was starving, so I swung by Zoe's for lunch. I've been loving their Tossed Greek Salad. It comes with all my favorites - grilled chicken, greens, pasta salad, caramelized onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, feta, olives, Zoe's dressing, and pita bread. 
I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather that afternoon and go for a run outside. This was my longest run outside to date and it was a struggle mentally. I knew I was in trouble when I checked my mileage within the first half mile. Here's to hoping the endorphins/adrenaline kick in during the race on Saturday. 
I capped off the weekend by watching the Terriers get selected to play Arkansas on Thursday in Jacksonville. I may be biased but I thought we had the most school spirit of any of the teams they showed. I won't be making the trip but I will definitely be cheering them on from here. Go Terriers! Conquer and Prevail! 

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