Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whole 30 - Week 1

Like I mentioned yesterday, May Lo and I are doing the Whole 30. You basically give up all things bad for you (diary, alcohol, grains, sugar, anything processed, etc.) and focus on making good food choices for 30 days. You eat meat, seafood, eggs, a ton of veggies, some fruit, and nuts/seeds. The premise is pretty straight forward but you do have to plan ahead. Here are my eats from the first week.
Pretty much the same everyday. Two hard boiled eggs with fruit (either a banana or blueberries). I am still trying to figure out what to eat when I'm not in the mood for eggs since yogurt is out. Saturday, I made paleo pancakes  by blending two eggs with a banana. I thought I would miss the syrup but the blueberries were plenty sweet.
Lunch most days was a big salad with lots of veggies and chicken. Twice last week, I made an Asian Chicken Salad topped with sriracha. I know the wontons in the package aren't paleo but I wanted the crunch. 
One night I made a grilled pork chop with sauteed brussel sprouts and roasted butternut squash. Another night, I made spaghetti squash spaghetti with a big kale salad.
Eating Out
When I saw this blurb in the Skimm I laughed out loud but I was actually nervous about eating out while on the Whole 30. Fortunately, it is not hard to stick to the guidelines. For dinner one night, a group went to El Mexicano and I ordered a guacamole salad with two beef tacos (minus the cheese and tortillas). Sunday at brunch at Willy Taco, I ordered the Breakfast Skillet with two eggs, chorizo, potatoes, pico de gallo, and guac. 

My energy levels are up and I feel better all around. One week down, three more to go!

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