Friday, September 5, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

1. Hi friends! Long time no chat. Sorry for being so mia, things have been a little crazy. I'm working on a Lately post to fill you in but figured I would stop in for some fun facts in the meantime. 

2. This week I have misplaced both my Starbucks gold card and my black pencil skirt. I used my card before going to the beach but haven't worn my skirt in while. I realize these are both first world problems but for someone who rarely misplaces things this has thrown me for a loop. 

3. I had a Junior League meeting Monday and one of my committee members asked if I could bring a corkscrew for the wine. I was at happy hour so I responded that I may have one in my car, if not I would pick one up. It did not occur to me until later that it probably isn't normal for people to have them in their cars. I wasn't a girl scout but I always like to be prepared. 

4. It's hard to believe it is already September. I certainly soaked up as much beach time as I could this summer. My sister is jealous of my tan.

5. I'm loving Taylor Swift's new song. It took me a few times to fall in love with it but it is the perfect song for a kitchen dance party. 

6. Speaking of T. Swift, I have also been listening to her Grammy performance of "All Too Well" on repeat. I love the live version more than the one on the cd. 

7. On Monday, I am starting a new job. I will still be at Wofford but I am moving across campus. I'm super excited about it!

8. Part of my new job is teaching the freshman in conjunction with their PE classes. Yesterday, I was running late for class, slipped on the wet floor, and totally busted it in front of a group of students. Once I recovered and made it halfway down the hall, I realized that those students were my class. Talk about a great first impression. 

9. I have more fun wedding plans this weekend. I may not be crashing this one but I'm definitely going out on a limb. 

10. Happy Friday!

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