Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

Thursday night, Campbell and I were celebrated one last time with a Cafe Japone sendoff. We thought it was only fitting to revisit the last stop of our Saint Patty's Day bar crawl one final time. Who knew that Cafe Japone was such a happening place on a Thursday night?
Friday was my last day at work and I left with lots of sweet treats from sweet friends. It is hard to believe that my time in Washington and at the Trinity Forum has come to an end. I still don't think it has sunk in yet mainly because I know the goodbyes were more or less see you when I see you and not goodbye for good. 
Saturday, my parents came into town and we loaded everything in the car. The attic looked quite empty once I moved all of my stuff out. 
470 miles and 8.5 hours later thanks to traffic, we arrived in Spartanburg. 
We unloaded pretty much everything on Saturday night, thanks in part to my roommate and her mom helping us carry things up the stairs. It was such a good thing too because we woke up to rain on Sunday morning. It was the perfect day to piddle around the apartment putting everything in its' place. I will give you a tour once everything is done but here is a sneak peak of the kitchen. 
I am so excited about this next chapter and am thankful for a much needed break in between.

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