Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Baked on Sunday

Birthday Edition 

I recently came across this recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod and knew it would be the perfect thing to make for my roommates' birthdays. We share an obsession with Biscoff Spread/Speculoos Cookie Butter and can easily empty a jar in record timing. For those of you new to the Cookie Butter craze, it is a spreadable version of the cookies you get on Delta flights. Think slightly caramelized but not quite gingerbread flavor in a peanut butter consistency. Are you still with me? Basically, it is deliciousness in a jar. Do yourself a favor and make this easy summer dessert.
I used graham crackers instead of Biscoff cookies for the crust and topping and Dark Chocolate Speculoos Bars instead of toffee bits in the filling. 
It was a hit! 


  1. Oh my word where do I get that stuff? Can you eat it plain like cookie dough? YUMMMMM. Btw my brithday is Nov 15. Please and thank you! :-)

    1. You can get Biscoff spread at any major grocery store or Cookie Butter at Trader Joe's. If you can't find it, I will be happy to send you a jar. I ate it by the spoonful for dinner last night. You can't go wrong.