Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Lincoln

Last night for dinner, we went to The Lincoln in Dupont to celebrate a friend's birthday. Known for their seasonal American small-plate menu and distinctive cocktails, we were in for quite a treat. Some of the menu highlights included:

Signature Cocktail - Lady Lincoln (Made with gin and prosecco, it was so good!)

To Be Shared - Farmhouse Mac and Cheese

Roughage & Greens - Organic Kale Salad

Vegetables - Charred Brussel Sprouts (These were the best I've had in DC.)

Seafood - Shrimp 'n Grits

Dessert - Brown Butter Fudge Cake

Out of all the dishes we tried, it was impossible to pick favorite. Everything was delicious.

Not only was the food incredible but the decor was unlike anything I have seen before.

The floor is tiled with pennies - over one million according to the website.

Pictures of Lincoln line the walls.

But our favorite was the Lincoln chair, where we all piled in at the end of the night to take a picture. Apparently, you can request to sit there. Next time!
Mary, Mason, Charlotte, Katy, Kelly, Catherine, and Me
 Happy Birthday Katy!

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