Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beating the Heat

I apologize for the double post but it seems that my busy schedule is leaving little time for blogging. So, I am going to take advantage of this down time and keep posting until I run out of inspiration.

It has been unbearably hot in the city. You think I would be used to it after growing up in the South, but it is rather miserable to walk home from the metro when it is over 100 degrees outside. The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is turn on the oven and make something hot for dinner. So, I decided to experiment last week in the kitchen.

When I first saw the recipe for Avocado Pasta on Oh She Glows, I was a little skeptical. I love avocados and I love pasta but I was not sure how the two would taste together. That being said, I am so glad I put my doubts aside and made this dish. It was the perfect summer meal - refreshing and light.

I improvised by cutting the recipe in half and leaving out the basil. I also added some chicken and served with a side of asparagus. So good.

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