Friday, June 20, 2014

The Friday Five

1. Reading:
From Amazon: Ellie's life is turned upside down when her best friend, Lucy, is murdered. She drops everything to travel to London to pick up the pieces, desperate to help Lucy's traumatized child, who has simply stopped speaking. Ellie turns to the book that gave her comfort as a child - THE SECRET GARDEN. And while its story of hurt, magic and healing blooms around them, so too do the secrets Lucy kept hidden, even from her best friend. As Ellie peels back the layers of her friend's life, she's forced to confront her own as well. Suddenly her carefully constructed existence spins out of control in a chain of events that will transform her life - and the lives of those around her - for ever.

2. Eating:
For my birthday, Sara gave me some green chile infused olive oil from Olive and Then Some. We drizzled it over the pizza we made and earlier this week I made roasted broccoli with it. It definitely has a kick to it but it is so good.

3. Listening to:
Sam Smith - "Stay with Me"

4. Recipe I'm bookmarking:
You don't really need a recipe to make this Peach Caprese Salad but add it to your summer menu.

5. Loving:

These cookies!

I need to start the next season of Friday Night Lights. 

Happy Friday!

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