Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Musings

1. I had every intention of posting this on Friday but the day just got away from me.

2. Someone send help! I can't stop eating Mini Cadbury Eggs. My mom sent me home with a bag last weekend and I am embarrassed to say that they are all gone. That's what happens when you put them in a decorative bowl on the coffee table and mindlessly munch on them while working late at night.

3. My mom also sent me home with some kale from the farmers market. I tossed it with some good Parmesan, toasted pine nuts, fresh garlic, and olive oil. I literally could not get enough. It puts the big bags of kale from the grocery store to shame.

4. My roommate comes home today after being in China for two weeks. I can't wait for her to be back. 

5. Fortunately, this has been a good time for her to be gone. I've had three big events back go back so I've barely been at the apartment. Nothing like spending more time at the office than at home.

6. While these past two weeks have been insane from a work standpoint, I've found myself being energized by the long days and craziness. It is easy to get behind something that you love. I'm also thankful for my coworkers who keep me laughing along the way.

7. The office signed up for intramural softball. Hopefully our record will be better than dodge ball.

8. T-Swift has been back in full force lately. My commute is timed perfectly so I can listen to "Trouble" on the way to work and "All Too Well" on the way home.

9. I watched "About Time" last week. It might be one of my new favorites. 

10. Happy Monday friends! Here's to a great week. 

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