Friday, December 13, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

1. I know this video is old news now that Thanksgiving is over but you still need to watch it.

2. Christina posted this personality test. I took it and it told me that I am a Reliable Realist. The description is spot on. Pretty crazy for a test with less than 5 questions.

3. I was brushing up on my bow tie tying skills this week and came across this video. I think it is hysterical. Never mind the subtitles.
4. Wednesday night we headed to Greenville to go to Jack n' Diane's Dueling Piano Bar. You should check it out if you are ever in town.

5. Now that we are almost halfway through December, the Christmas music is out in full force. I am loving the Mariah Carey Holiday station on Pandora.

6. We had our coworkers over last week before the president's Christmas party and I loved getting out all the Christmas decorations.

7. I decorated a gingerbread house over the weekend in preparation for our Cookie Swap. I'd forgotten how time consuming it is. I was also convinced that it was going to fall apart but thankfully it hasn't yet.

8. Sara and I have been working our way through all the Christmas movies on Netflix and the Hallmark Channel. Our favorite so far is The Christmas Kiss. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

9. I didn't mean to make this post primarily about Christmas.

10. Happy Friday!

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