Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

1. On our way home from Asheville on Sunday, Sara and I had a major Taylor Swift sing-a-long. And then we went to Monsoon. I am very thankful that we share a love for T-Swift and Thai food.
2. So far this week, I have eaten at Monsoon, Broncos, Bonefish, Wades, and Gerhard's. It is a miracle my clothes still fit.
3. Two of those were office lunches. We made a list of all the places our new boss has to try. Let me know if you have a favorite spot in Sparkle that I need to add. 
4. We played a trick on one of our coworkers this week and moved his car during the middle of the day. It was comical watching him turn in circles looking for his car in the parking lot. That's what he gets for giving us his keys to hold.

5. The car moving incident occurred after all of my coworkers tried to hide from me when I came in late. I spoiled the trick when I went straight to work and didn't look for them.

6. Tonight for book club, we are having a midnight themed dinner. You have to read the book (The Night Circus) to understand but I am looking forward to it. We are in charge of the appetizers and I also bought some Poppycock at Costco to mimic circus caramel corn.

7. My second big event is tomorrow. Here's to hoping the weather holds.
8. Christina posted this Mood Map, an interactive guide to America that tells you which state matches your personality. I took the short quiz and it told me I should live in NC. I guess being 30 minutes from the border will have to be close enough.
9. Next week, we are having a Halloween party with the office down the hall. I am still trying to decide what I want to dress up as and contribute to the potluck. Ideas welcome.

10. My facts are all over the place. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

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