Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

1) I am loving the extra hours of daylight in the evening. I feel like I actually get to enjoy the day now.

2) On the flip side, waking up in the mornings has been tough but I am holding strong with my 7am Bible study for Lent.
3) 3 words: Mini Cadbury Eggs. I found a recipe for Spring Blondies that uses them and want to make it for Easter.

4) Speaking of Easter, this is the first time in my life that I will not be at home/with family for the weekend. We always have a big lunch after church with close friends and family. It is probably one of my favorite meals of the year - right up there with Thanksgiving.

5) I wanted to recreate the tradition up here but after being turned down by the 10th person I invited to my Easter Lunch, I am thinking I will just scrap the idea.

6) I am officially a member of the Junior League of Washington. I finally crossed off my last requirement on Wednesday night.

7) American Idol is filming at my high school today! One of the contestants, Candice Glover, is from Beaufort and they are already saying she is the one to beat. You go girl!

8) The engagement and pregnancy announcements are getting out of hand. I know of 4 couples who have gotten engaged in the past week - one close friend, two girls from Wofford, and Sean and Catherine from the Bachelor (figured I might as well throw that one in there as well). And, two of my favorite bloggers are expecting.

9) These are my thoughts on the craziness mentioned above:
I'm pretty sure she prefaced this by saying she just wanted to drink wine.

10) Happy Friday!

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