Monday, April 2, 2012

Home is Where the Heart is

Last week I had a spring break of sorts as I flew home for a few days before a work event in Columbia. I landed Friday night and was greeted at the airport by some of my best friends from Wofford. We spent the night on King Street catching up and hanging out. Early the next morning, my sister picked me up so we could visit before going our separate ways for the rest of the weekend.  I finally got to meet their cute puppy!
The leaning tower of Collins
Then it was off to Columbia for Lightsey's engagement party. It was so fun to celebrate her with so many family members and friends! Now I just need to track down the pictures. Sunday morning I headed to Beaufort for a few days. I loved being able to work remotely and spend time at home.
My office
Wednesday it was off to Columbia for our event. It was the first one I had worked solo and the family came out to show their support. It was neat to be able to share what I do with them.
Thanks for coming Tucker and Caroline!
Thursday it was back to DC to regroup and get ready for a fun filled weekend. If only spring break existed in the working world.

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